Friday, June 8, 2012

Oldies or cherished people

Today we bring to you the imlee story by - passionate artist called Veda Kashyap --

t’s 2012.
I wake up at 8… the squirrel outside is screeching it’s heart out for god-knows-what reason. I curse at the open window and slip my head under the pillow to see if i can get some sleep.
I can’t.

I hear a shuffling outside and see that the next door grandpa has come out to the terrace to walk the dog. I love dogs and I usually make random noises from behind the netlon to scare the dog a bit. The grandpa knows what I’m doing and he chuckles at the netlon. I highly doubt he even knows who lives in this apartment. But he still chuckles at me.

The dog runs at the window the second i get up and start making a cat noise. I’m sure it knows that it isn’t a cat but still probably wonders what that odd noise is. Read more...

About the Author:

Veda Kashyap is an artist. She paints and has passion for designing clothes. Her dream is to become a published author and also have her own range pf products (clothing).
Click here to read more about Veda and her blogs.

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