Friday, June 1, 2012

Rauf Lala - My Fav National Hero !!!

We bring to you one more winning imlee story by - Sunita Kurup


Yes you heard it right :) :)... I watched Agneepath yesterday, it was a OK movie, but two things I totally loved in it :- one Rishi Kapoor as Rauf Lala - a filthy character executed superbly.  To my memory I don't think Rishi Kapoor has ever played this kind of a role earlier.  And the second thing about the movie I liked was the emotional table of Vijay played by was on the same platform from the beginning to the end...a continuously stable emotion which did not vary at surprising levels.  Hrithik managed to keep it at the same level maintaining the tempo....too good.  Alright this is not a review of the movie, its about an incident I remembered after watching Rishi Kapoor :) :)

I was in 5th grade, about 11, we had to write an essay.  The topic was - My favorite National Hero.  My parents did not believe in tutions at all.  We were always encouraged to self study, discussing with each other or looking up reference books.  So usually the scene would be, we would complete our home-works and before dinner time, we would read it out to dad, who would correct if anything was missing.  So this particular day, I read out my homework to dad. Read more

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Sunita or 'Suku' as she is known writes at 'Sukupedia'.  She lives in Stockholm and also contributes to NRI matters and TOI (NRI) section. She is a versatile personality and you can know more about her by visiting her 'About Me' page.

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