Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy World Family Day!

We wish you and your family a happy family day. 
Take a moment to thank the almighty for blessing us with people who are always by our side - our family.  Our family is like our roots , from where we grow. Giving us a strong sense of belonging our families prepare us to face life and learn from our experiences .

 Why do we celebrate the world family day? 
 May 15th is celebrated as the international family day. The united nations proclaimed the year 1994 as the international year of the families. Since then , 15th May is being observed as the international family day to celebrate the importance of families in societies and cultures around the world. 
 Imlee celebrates world family day

To make the world family day exciting we hosted the imlee  family quotes contest. The response was great and our fans linked us to beautiful family quotes. Here are the winning quotes from the contest-
Hope you all had a great time with your family. 

Love & best wishes
Team imlee

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