Friday, May 18, 2012

Whose Culture is it, anyway? Yours, Mine or Ours?

Last month we hosted the imlee stories contest where people could pen down stories about their special family memories. We got a large number of entries and it was a joy ride to read such interesting family stories. Imlee stories is our endeavor to bring you these beautiful family stories.
*This story was Surange Date’s entry that was adjudged the best story under imlee family stories contest 2012* Read on.. 

As long as I remember, there has been a February 14th. (Someone in the family has a birthday on the 13th)...
But its only in the last 20 years or so, that I hear it being celebrated here, as Valentines Day
. And its only the last 10 years or so that certain pockets of society, and politicians have been objecting to its celebration, with a lot of violence, destruction of shops selling valentines stuff, and shouting from the rooftops. This year has seen the Ram Sene getting into the act in a Mangalore pub, beating up boys and girls, who were supposed to be drinking etc, in direct contravention, of what this Ram Sene says is "Indian culture" .....

When I was a child, explicit socializing between boys and girls was non existent.
Yes, we were aware that in certain more emancipated sections of society such as Christians, the armed forces, and a few Parsees, a western lifestyle that was followed, allowed the practice of such socializing. And while my parents were extremely broad minded about us mixing with boys as a part of your school,college, sports etc, it was understood, that any extra attention from anyone, secretive meetings, fibbing to parents etc was simply not on. And we never suffered from the Friday night syndrome. Read more...
 About the author 
Suranga Date is a woman in her 60's, married and has two children. With a physics master from the university of calif at Irvine, Suranga was one of the few Indian women who took the challenge to explore IT while it was still growing in India. After being associated with India’s leading Software Company and premier engineering institution, Suranga decided to take a break from work to devote more time to her family. The prose and poetry she wrote as a child, simply came back to her when she started blogging. With a knack for writing, suranga likes to write just about everything.
Don’t believe us? Here’s her work-
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And here's a film Suranga made on her household help(bai) Phillumwali...:-)

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  1. our basic function as elders and citizens of the country is to make efforts to preserve the basic elements of our culture ,transmitting these to our young generations directly or indirectly,weeding out the outdated and useless elements of our culture and simultaneously preparing our children for todays scientific and technological world