Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to the imlee family blog!

"Why imlee?" asked one of her friends, and she said “Because our families are like that - khatti meethi!”

Just as you like to bond with your family, we’d like to bond better with you. Welcome to the imlee family blog!There is a lot we would like to share here - feature updates, what goes on behind the scenes, some beautiful family stories, interesting tips, family fun activities and many other exciting things. But today we  would like to share with you the story behind imlee.

Did you ever wonder if your best friend is your distant cousin? Your colleague is your relative? You and some celebrity share common ancestors? Guess what can help you find this? - Your family tree!

Introducing the unique concept of family trees imlee helps you discover and connect with the people in your family network. Family trees are a powerful networking tool, because when you discover a new relative on imlee, you get connected to an entire family and your network grows faster! Not only that, when someone from your tree discovers a relative, the new relative and his entire tree become part of your network. Talk about exponential growth!

But the essence of imlee is not just discovering your family network. It is to help you bond better with your entire family. Our fast paced life and tight work schedules leave us with little time for family. Imlee solves this problem - it simplifies things and makes it easier to say that you care. You’ll never miss a relative's birthday or anniversary and the chance tell them how special they are to you. It’s easier for you to share stuff - even things that you feel are silly. Don’t worry about privacy issues. You’re safe. We promise.

The best feeling in the world is being able to go to a place you can call home - place where you feel like you belong, a place where no one can hurt you, a place where you can learn something new each day from the ones who love you the most. Imlee is here just to help you do that!

Love & best wishes
Team imlee

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